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  • Claims for compensation arising out of medical negligence in South Australia must be filed within 3 years of the date of the injury. Seek legal advice.

  • Health Care professionals are required to give their patients a warning if a procedure involves the ‘known’ risk of injury or death associated with that procedure.

  • If injury of death arises from the procedure, and it can be shown that the warning was not given, the injured person or their dependants may be able to claim compensation against the doctor.

  • In such circumstances it is necessary to prove that, if the warning had been given, the person would not have gone ahead with the procedure.

  • Medical Negligence also arises in other circumstances, and you are recommended to seek legal advice.

  • Any potential claimants should seek legal advice as soon as they are aware that they may have a claim.

  • Any potential medical negligence claimants should seek legal advice as soon as they are aware that they may have a claim.

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