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Insurance Contracts

Many people who enter into insurance contracts to cover their life, or to provide for a 'living benefit' in the event of certain injuries and illnesses, find that the insurance company will do everything in its power to avoid their liabilities when payment of the benefit becomes due. This includes refusal to pay the benefit when evidence is obtained from the person's medical history, and reliance on obscure definitions of illness and injury contained in the terms of the policy.

Any person who is in dispute with their insurer in relation to the payment of a benefit under a policy of insurance, should seek the advice of a lawyer. In South Australia, any Court action arising out of a dispute involving an insurance contract needs to be brought before the Court within 6 years.

Total and Permanent Disability claim under a Superannuation Policy

Most superannuation policies include provisions providing a lump sum payment in the event that the insured becomes Total and Permanently Disabled. We have recently successfully conducted such a claim on behalf of a person who had become disabled as a result of an injury at work. Contact us as soon as possible of you believe that you may be entitled to a TPD payment under a Superannuation policy.



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